History - Neptun Schiffahrts-Agentur

The shipping agency NEPTUN belongs to the PWL Group which was founded by Mr. Peter W. Lampke and Mr. Peter Koopmann in Bremen on October 20th, 1964. Later the management of the company was passed along to Mr. Christian Koopmann and Mr. Christian von Georg who are building the executive board of the PWL Group toady. Ever since the PWL Group has been a fully privately owned entity. The executive board was expanded by Mr. Alexander Napp who joined the PWL Group as managing director of PWL Port Services in spring of 2010 and also took over the management of NEPTUN.

NEPTUN Schiffahrts-Agentur GmbH is a Wilhelmshaven-based port agency running offices all around German coasts delivering services in all contemporary shipping branches. As part of the PWL group of companies NEPTUN is not only the port agency of your first choice but also your partner for any kind of maritime consulting as well as practically planning projects, brokering, husbandry services plus offering logistics on- and offshore.

The NEPTUN history goes way more back to 1st of April 1873 “Dampfschiffahrts Gesellschaft NEPTUN“ was founded by Johann Hermann Niemann and other Bremen merchants. “DG NEPTUN“ emerged from a shipping partnership founded in 1869, which had three ships connecting the German North Sea with the Scandinavian and Baltic. During the years 1870-1871 these three ships were chartered to Sweden and sailed under Swedish flag in order to protect them from the dangers of the Franco-German War. Even later the chimneys of the DG NEPTUN ships were held in the Swedish national colors blue and yellow and recall the early days after foundation. Until today the Logo of NEPTUN Schiffahrts-Agentur is still the blue and yellow flag.

Since its early years NEPTUN soon added further routes to their business creating a network between German hinterland river ports up to the Benelux, a growing number of ports in all Baltic countries & Europe’s Atlantic coast. After WWII NEPTUN soon recovered international partnerships and took part in the “Union” Africa Line connecting Europe with African west coast. The early 50s further been the starting period of a long-term partnership with Sloman lines.

In 1958 “NEPTUN Schiffahrts-Agentur GmbH” started its agency activities in Wilhelmshaven and Bremen as a 100% affiliated company of DG NEPTUN. The company ever since showed itself as an entrepreneurial thinking network truly marked by its’ 1960s ambitioned project of rebuilts “MS Pollux” and “MS Jason” equipping them with the technique bridging seismologic deep sea science to a next level.

In 1973 long after the majority of shares were owned by Norddeutscher Lloyd, the Hamburg shipping company Rob M. Sloman acquired about 75 percent of the majority shares of NEPTUN. After acquisition of the remaining shares in 1974 DG NEPTUN was taken over completely into the group of Rob M. Sloman and was consequently renamed to “Sloman NEPTUN Schiffahrts AG” with the head office located in Bremen. This has just been in time to celebrate NEPTUN 100 years anniversary with a positioning for future challenges.

In 1975 NEPTUN inaugurated the new office in Stade near Hamburg. In order to complete the companies network, Sloman NEPTUN over the years opened office in every important port of the German west coast including Bremen and Bremerhaven, Emden and Cuxhaven.

In May 2011 the PWL group of companies acquired all shares from NEPTUN Schiffahrts-Agentur GmbH. NEPTUN Schiffahrts-Agentur GmbH remains as a separate brand that is still offering the services known by its costumers in all german ports.

In September 2012 the new Jade Weser Port went into operation dedicated to the big ones. NEPTUN Schiffahrts-Agentur became agent for some of the first ships calling, hence it is bundled since day one with the new emerging deep-sea harbour en route South to North and vice versa. NEPTUN Schiffahrts-Agentur is delighted to forward this fundamental knowledge to all customers calling.

As the mother company, PWL has grown from a traditional liner agent and shipbroker to a group of companies in order to fulfill the quickly changing demands of the market. Currently the PWL Group of companies employs about 240 dedicated individuals all over Germany and is specialized in different business fields such as: General Cargo, Container, Feeder, RoRo, Cruise Ships, Transport, NVOCC and Logistics and Agency Services.

Hence, the acquisition of NEPTUN had been a strategic goal of PWL and fits the services offered by both companies and not only created synergies but also helps delivering tailor made answers to the demands of its customers. Since 2011 the responsible person for all solutions is Mr. Alexander Napp.



About Us

NEPTUN Schiffahrts-Agentur GmbH is a Wilhelmshaven-based port agency running offices all around German coasts delivering services in all contemporary shipping branches. As part of the PWL group of companies NEPTUN is not only the port agency of your first choice but also your partner for any kind of maritime consulting as well as practically planning projects, brokering, husbandry services plus offering logistics on- and offshore. NEPTUN handles all vessels such as General Cargo, Container, Feeder, Tanker, RoRo, and is also your solution for transports, NVOCC and Logistics and Agency Services.

In 2011 the PWL Group of companies acquired the majority share of NEPTUN Schiffahrts-Agentur GmbH and Mr. Napp became the managing director. The head office of the NEPTUN is still located at Wilhelmshaven. Meanwhile NEPTUN is present in all German Ports. NEPTUN handles more than 800 vessels in all German Ports – every year.

Among others, NEPTUN serves the following reputable clients:


Ports of Service

Ports of Service map - NSA Port Services
Husbandry Services

Husbandry Services

Husbandry Services - Neptun Schiffahrts-Agentur

All our employees are specially trained to meet the demands of the modern shipping industry. Through their profound commercial knowledge and capability to quickly understand nautical contexts they are preferred contacts for all clients and partners ashore as well as at sea. NEPTUN Schiffahrts-Agentur acts as husbandry agent for various ship-owners each year at our German coast. We do represent owner’s and charterer’s interests directly at any German port and the Kiel-Canal with following services:

Logistics Offshore

Logistics Offshore

NEPTUN benefits from more than a century of experience in any logistics on and off the shore. We dedicate ourselves in demand-meeting and individual consulting. We are overlooking sea freight, may it be containers, break-bulk, heavy and oversized cargoes.




Flexibility and permanent attendance and attention are key factors for successful conventional shipping. NEPTUN Schiffahrts-Agentur understands to solve difficult tasks and optimize complex and demanding shipments giving you the feeling as it was just another standard container. NEPTUN is handling land to sea transport of heavy and oversized pieces, which need full attention and receives our entire focus.


Windpark Services

Windpark Services

With the green energy sector catching up with fossil and atomic fuels, especially offshore wind parks, are gaining a rising reception and importance within society. NEPTUN is accompanying these steps into future looking ahead while backed up from experience. NEPTUN has been partner for various logistics in the construction of the earliest wind parks fueling our families with the wind of the sea.


Casualty Support

Casualty Support

Through the decades NEPTUN has provided special support to numerous clients suffering from casualties of their vessels or crews. This includes

under very straining and sensitive circumstances.

For example NEPTUN was able to provide high quality agency services during the 7-months portcall of the containervessel MSC FLAMINIA at Wilhelmshaven, which suffered severe damage from fire and explosion in 2012.

NEPTUN is your first outright idea and ideal supporter for any unexpected.



Weather - NEPTUN Schiffahrts-Agentur



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